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20 Things To Do In Lake Tahoe In Summer – Summer Vacation Activities 2023

Lake Tahoe In Summer

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Lake Tahoe – The prettiest and bluest lake in California and probably even the entire US!

We love spending weekend getaways at Lake Tahoe. Besides skiing in winter at Lake Tahoe, we try to spend as many weekends as possible paddleboarding or doing other outdoor activities in the summer at Lake Tahoe.

In this Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Guide, we want to show you our top things to do at Lake Tahoe in the summertime.

From the best lake views, camping spots, hikes, tours, and other warm-weather activities in Lake Tahoe to relaxing in hot springs and many more things that you can do at the lake during the summertime of the year.



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Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Guide

What To Do At Lake Tahoe In The Summer

Top Things To Do At Lake Tahoe In Summer

1 | Go For A Hike Around Lake Tahoe

One of the best ways to explore Lake Tahoe is to go on a hike. There are many different hiking trails around Lake Tahoe that lead you to waterfalls, amazing views, and beautiful nature.

Cave Rock at Lake Tahoe in summer
Cave Rock at Lake Tahoe

Cave Rock

A short hike that rewards you with amazing views over Lake Tahoe is the hike leading up to Cave Rock.

Cave Rock Nevada is located on the Southeastern shore of Lake Tahoe and is super easy to access from Highway 50. You can’t really miss it! You will see the giant rock structure right away when you approach the tunnel that is right next to the lake on Highway 50.

There is a small parking area to park your car and from where to start the hike. Cave Rock is a popular hike in Tahoe, so chances to get a parking spot right away are better in the morning. Or maybe even come as early as for sunrise.

Cave Rock sunset Lake Tahoe East Shore
Cave Rock sunset Lake Tahoe East Shore

Watching the sunset over Lake Tahoe from Cave Rock will be amazing. The views are epic and the sky turns deep pink and orange!

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Guide To Cave Rock Sunset Hike In Tahoe

Eagle Falls Hike

Eagle Falls hike is probably the most beautiful hike at Lake Tahoe. You look onto Emerald Bay from above with a cascading waterfall right in front of you. Eagle Falls hike is an easy but steep hike.

From South Lake Tahoe take Highway 89 North for about 8 miles. You will reach Eagle Falls Picnic Area where you can park your car (cash fee) and start the hike.

Hike To Eagle Lake

If you have it in you and continue further up on the Eagle Falls Trail you will reach Eagle Lake. The effort will be worth your while and the lake will greet you with an amazing mirror-like reflection of the surrounding boulders.

For the hike all the way to Eagle Lake you need to get a Desolation Wilderness permit down at the trailhead. Keep that in mind before you start the journey.

Summit Mt. Tallac

This hike is for the sporty ones. With a height of almost 10,000 feet, Mt. Tallac is the tallest mountain on Lake Tahoe’s immediate shoreline.

Summiting Mt. Tallac can be done by fit people within a day. The hike is a 10-mile round trip. Check out the Mt. Tallac hike on Alltrails if you want to learn more.

Check out All Trails for more hikes in South Lake Tahoe and hikes in North Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Hiking Guides

2 | Explore The Beaches Of Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor Beach at Lake Tahoe in summer
Sand Harbor Beach at Lake Tahoe In Summer

When in Tahoe in the summer, you must explore the beaches! There are a lot of beaches, some are rather secret or not so secret and others are very popular and well known.

Whatever area you stay in around Tahoe, there is a beach nearby. We have been to beaches on all sides of the lake, but our absolute favorite beaches are on the Northeast side of Lake Tahoe.

Sand Harbor Beach

One absolutely beautiful beach in Lake Tahoe is Sand Harbor Beach. You will find Caribbean-like crystal clear blue water and big boulders there, surrounded by green pine trees and a mountain backdrop. It’s insanely beautiful!

Sand Harbor Beach is located on the Northeast side of Lake Tahoe and is easily accessible by car.

Pro tip: On the weekends the parking lot fills up at 8 am already. Yes, you heard right, 8 in the morning! Sand Harbor Beach is just so pretty, we can’t blame any of these many people for wanting to enjoy it.

Over underwater photography at Lake Tahoe with crystal clear water and big boulders
Big boulders at Lake Tahoe

Other Beaches Near Sand Harbor

There are several little coves and beaches past Sand Harbor Beach on the Eastside / Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. You will encounter even more big boulders and jawdropping crystal clear, blue water there. It’s like in the Caribbean, but mountain style.

Popular beaches on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe are: Secret Cove, Chimney Beach, Whale Beach, and Bonsai Rock. These beaches are not as easily accessible as Sand Harbor Beach and require a little hike down some steep paths.

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Crystal clear water at Secret Cove in Lake Tahoe in summer
Crystal clear water at Secret Cove at Lake Tahoe

Take A Dip At Secret Cove

Besides Sand Harbor Beach, Secret Cove and Bonsai Rock are our favorite spots in Lake Tahoe to enjoy the beautiful turquoise water.

Secret Cove is a little secluded cove with shallow crystal clear blue water and big boulders.

(Just FYI, Secret Cove is clothing optional. So don’t be surprised to see naked people when you get there! 🙂 )

Bonsai Rock is a famous big boulder in the lake on which a tiny little tree grows. It is located right next to Secret Cove.

Spending the day at the beach with big boulders at Lake Tahoe in summer
Hanging out on the big boulders at Lake Tahoe

Getting To Secret Cove And Bonsai Rock

As mentioned, getting to these areas is not as easy as Sand Harbor Beach, because you have to hike down from the main street for about 20 minutes and there aren’t really any marked trails.

Official parking around these areas is almost non-existent. There is a very small parking lot for Secret Cove, but it is always full. Like almost everyone else, you will have to park your car on the side of the road and make your way down to the lake.

It’s not for everyone, as it can be pretty steep at times and you have to carry everything down and up again. However, to us, it is absolutely worth it if you are up for it.

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Hitting The Beaches Of Lake Tahoe

Other than our favorite beaches mentioned above, there are many more beautiful beaches surrounding Lake Tahoe that are worth visiting.

3 | Rent A Kayak Or SUP

Paddle boarding Lake Tahoe
Paddle boarding Lake Tahoe

Even better than enjoying the beautiful Tahoe scenery from the beach is by exploring it from the water.

All around Lake Tahoe but especially at Sand Harbor Beach you will see people snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking.

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Best Places To Paddle Board At Lake Tahoe

Kayak and SUP rental at Lake Tahoe beach
Kayak and SUP rentals at Lake Tahoe beaches

Paddleboard And Kayak Rentals At Lake Tahoe

You can rent kayaks and paddleboards almost everywhere around the lake. Most of the rental places are located at various popular beaches. It’s best to make a reservation upfront, as weekends are very busy at the lake.

Check out our Lake Tahoe SUP Guide to find kayak and paddle board rental places.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Lessons

You can also sign up for a SUP lesson if you haven’t been on a paddleboard before and like to learn it.

SUP & Kayak Tours & Rentals

Check out the SUP & kayak tours and rentals below. These are actually the most affordable tours and rentals we have seen at Lake Tahoe.


Bring Your Own SUP

We love paddleboarding and decided to buy our own SUPs as we are using them often in the summer. It gives us more flexibility and they amortize pretty quickly if you use them a few times.

If you also prefer to rather own a paddleboard yourself but are hesitant because of the cost, we wrote a post about affordable inflatable paddleboards that you can bring everywhere you want.

Clear kayak and paddle board rental Lake Tahoe
Clear kayak and paddle board rental Lake Tahoe

Where To Rent The Clear Kayaks From Instagram?

If you want to rent the clear kayaks that you probably have seen on Instagram, visit The Wild Society located at Kings Beach.

Heads up though, the clear kayaks and SUPs are a lot more expensive. But then again, they are special and what better place to use them than at Lake Tahoe?!

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Affordable Paddle Boards & Stand-Up Paddleboarding Gear

4 | Float On The Truckee River

Floating the Truckee River is another favorite activity of ours at Lake Tahoe in the summer. Truckee River starts at the lake in Tahoe City and goes all the way to Truckee and beyond. Hence the name Truckee River!

Floating with Truckee River Raft Co.

You start the float in Tahoe City at Truckee River Raft Co. and end at River Ranch Lodge & Restaurant. If you do the float with Truckee River Raft, you will actually park your car at the endpoint and will be bussed to the starting point. Once you are done with the float the company will take care of the rafts.

Floating Truckee River On Your Own

If you decide to bring your own floats you will have to figure out parking and logistics yourself. Meaning you will need at least two cars. One at the start and one at the end of the float.

Floating down the 5 miles on the Truckee River is slow and mellow with an occasional faster rapid. It takes about 3 hours, depending on how many stops you make along the way. It’s super fun.

5 | Spend The Day On A Boat

Lake Tahoe boating
Lake Tahoe boating

In the summer in Tahoe, you will see boats everywhere on the lake. From rental kayaks or paddleboards, jet skis, pontoon boats to high-speed powerboats, there are all kinds of boats for all kinds of activities on the like. There are even boat cruises on Lake Tahoe.

Boat Rental Places In Tahoe

Boating is one of the most popular activities in the summer in Tahoe. There are launch ramps and rental places all around the lake. Tahoe even has a boating app that you can download to your phone.

Since there are so many boat and water sports rental places it’s best to do a search for rental shops around the area where you are staying or a particular place where you want to spend the day at. Otherwise, it’s completely overwhelming with all the available options.

As an orientation, we listed a few boat rentals of major spots around Lake Tahoe.

Boat Rental Places At Lake Tahoe

Lakeside Marina
South Lake Tahoe

Obexer’s Water Sports

Tahoe Waves Boat Rental
Tahoe City

Rent A Boat Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Vista

Tahoe Paddle & Oars
Kings Beach

Sand Harbor Water Sports
Sand Harbor Beach

Charter A Boat With A Captain

If you don’t want to drive the boat yourself, you can charter a boat with a captain. For instance, there is a private group boat charter at Emerald Bay or an amazing sunset boat charter tour for small groups.

6 | Take A Tahoe Boat Cruise

Lake Tahoe boat cruises and boat rentals at Emerald Bay
Lots of boats and cruises at Emerald Bay

There are also plenty of fun cruises on Lake Tahoe. From classic booze cruises to a wine tasting cruise to an Emeral Bay cruise or dinner cruise on the MS Dixie II paddle wheeler. You can even take a sailing cruise on Lake Tahoe.

Here are some popular boat cruises and charters:

7 | Go Camping In Lake Tahoe

Campfire at Fallen Leaf campground in Lake Tahoe
Camping at Lake Tahoe

A lot of people like to go camping in Lake Tahoe. There are some really nice campgrounds around the lake.

Camping At Fallen Leaf Lake Campground

One of our favorite campgrounds in Lake Tahoe is Fallen Leaf Lake Campground. The camping area is next to Fallen Leaf Lake which is located between Emerald Bay and South Lake Tahoe.

Fallen Leaf Lake is very pretty and secluded and an oasis in itself. Perfect to hang out and chill in the hammock.

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Hammocking at campsite in Fallen Leaf Lake in Lake Tahoe
Hammock time at Fallen Leaf Lake

The campground itself is pretty too, especially, when you manage to get a spot closest to the lake. At these camping lots, you will have plenty of space with just the forest and big redwood trees around you.

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Affordable Camping Gear

Reserving A Camping Spot In Tahoe

Usually, as with so many campgrounds in California, Fallen Leaf Lake is very popular and you need to book your spot early in advance. Or, get lucky when spots open up due to cancellations.

Check out availability and reserve a campground at Fallen Leaf Lake here.

More Campgrounds In Lake Tahoe

Here’s a selection of the campgrounds closest to the lake. There are even more campgrounds in the Tahoe Donner area and on the Nevada side. Book early as campgrounds fill up super quickly.

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Camping Packing Checklist


8 | Go To A Summer Music Festival In Tahoe

9 | Check Out Local Tahoe Breweries

Lake Tahoe Breweries: South North Brewing
Lake Tahoe Breweries: South North Brewing

There are a ton of craft beer breweries around Lake Tahoe.

You can go on guided breweries tours or create your own brewery adventure. Be sure to drink responsibly and have a DD.

Here’s an overview of some of the coolest breweries around Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Breweries

Alibi Ale Works
Incline & Truckee

Bear Belly Brewing Company
Kings Beach

Fifty Fifty Brewing Company

Lake Tahoe AleWorX
South Lake Tahoe & Stateline

The Good Wolf Brewing Company

The Hangar Taproom & Beergarden
South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Brewing Company
South Lake Tahoe

South of North Brewing Company
South Lake Tahoe

10 | Soak In The Hot Springs Around Lake Tahoe

Grover Hot Springs Markleeville near Lake Tahoe
Grover Hot Springs near Markleeville

Relax At Sierra Hot Springs

Sierra Hot Springs is a non-profit retreat and workshop center with lodging located in a beautiful alpine valley at Sierraville. There are several natural pools around the Sierra Hot Springs property. Some are scattered in a more secluded area between trees.

The main area has a larger hot springs pool, sauna, changing room, and a smaller hot spring tub under a dome structure. Clothing is optional.

You can also get a massage and have a vegetarian meal at the restaurant.

Grover Hot Springs Near Markleeville

Grover Hot Springs is hidden away in secluded Hot Springs Valley near Markleeville South of Lake Tahoe on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada.

There are two hot spring pools at Grover Hot Springs with alpine vistas of granite peaks and wildflower meadows.

Lake Tahoe Hot Springs Guide

Check out our Tahoe Hot Springs Guide if you want to know more about the natural hot springs near Lake Tahoe.

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Best Lake Tahoe Hot Springs

11 | Watch The Most Magical Sunrise At Emerald Bay

Couple from piscoandbier romantically looking at purple sunrise from viewpoint over Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe
Amazing sunrise views over Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay

The most magical sunrises or sunsets of Lake Tahoe can be seen in South Lake from Emerald Bay. Watching the sunrise is one of our favorite things to do in Lake Tahoe in summer and in winter. The colors are insane all year round!

You have to get up really early to see the sunrise at Emerald Bay, but it’s totally worth it. Check out our post with the best photo spots around Lake Tahoe to find out more about Emerald Bay and other awesome photo locations in Lake Tahoe.

If you are not an early bird, Tahoe sunsets at Emerald Bay are amazing too!

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12 | Take A Lake Tahoe Photography Tour

If you are into photography and would like to know the scenic spots at Lake Tahoe, there is a photo tour that shows you the best photo spots in Lake Tahoe and gives you photography tips by an experienced photo guide.

You can choose between a half-day photography tour or full-day Lake Tahoe photo tour. Both are small groups.

The half-day Ultimate Scenic Tour features Emerald Bay and a beach with views of Mt Tallac.

The full-day Grand Tahoe Around The Lake Tour, circles all around Lake Tahoe and provide as many photo locations as possible.

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13 | Stroll Through The Historical Railroad Town Of Truckee

Truckee is a historic railroad town in the North of Lake Tahoe. There are many little local shops, bars, and restaurants along the main road that invite for a little shopping spree and dining.

A store we really like is California 89. They sell local merch inspired by the Truckee-Donner and Tahoe areas. Check them out, their sweaters and shirts are really cool.

14 | Explore Donner Lake’s Vista Points

Swing overlooking Donner Lake, an instagrammable photo spot at Lake Tahoe
View of Donner Lake

Not only Tahoe has amazing views. At Donner Lake Vista Point and Donner Summit Bridge, you can see nearby Donner Lake from above.

Donner Summit Bridge with Donner Lake View underneath
Donner Summit Bridge

Donner Vista Point and Donner Summit Bridge are on the way along Donner Pass Road, which goes parallel to I-80. Depending on where you arrive to Tahoe or leave Tahoe you may pass by the Donner area.

Instead of taking Highway 80, take a little detour on Donner Pass Road and make a stop at several vista points along this scenic drive. Eventually, you will hit I-80 again.

15 | Drive The Tahoe Scenic Drive: The Most Beautiful Drive In America

Lake Tahoe scenic drive, the most beautiful drive in America
Lake Tahoe scenic drive

High on the list of the best things to do at Lake Tahoe in summer is to make the drive all around the lake.

Yes, you can drive all the way around the lake! It’s about a 72 miles long roundtrip and you can start and finish anywhere you like.

The tour around the lake is said to be the most beautiful drive in America. The drive is very, very pretty and there are many vista points along the way.

If you don’t want to drive yourself or didn’t come by car to Lake Tahoe there is a small bus tour that makes the 72-mile drive all around the lake.

Learn more about the Lake Tahoe Circle Tour here.

16 | Explore The Tahoe Ski Resorts During Summer

Wait, what? Ski resorts in summer?! Yes, you can still go up the slopes in summer. During summertime, however, without the snow of course.

It’s pretty interesting the see what lies underneath the slopes what is otherwise covered by the snow in the winter.

The major resorts Heavenly and Squaw Valley run their gondolas in the summer months starting in May / June.

Gondolas at Heavenly at South Lake Tahoe in the summer
Gondolas at Heavenly at South Lake Tahoe in the summer

Scenic Gondola Ride At Heavenly

In the summertime, the Heavenly Gondola usually opens for Memorial Day Weekend at first and then later in June daily for the summer months.

The 2.4-mile ride up Heavenly Mountain is pretty amazing. You will have panoramic views of Lake Tahoe from the gondola. On the way up, the gondola makes a stop at an observation platform where you can get out to take photos of the picturesque panorama.

Once you reach the top and exit the gondola, you can get up the mountain even further with the Tamarack Express chairlift. At the very top, you will have some of the best views of Lake Tahoe.

There are also a bunch of hiking trails ranging from beginner to expert on Heavenly Mountain.

On top, Heavenly has a mountain coaster and tubing which is fun for kids and adults alike.

The ski resort has a bunch of access points but the gondola that runs up the mountain in the summer is located in Heavenly Village in South Lake Tahoe.

Nearby Heavenly Village you will find many restaurants and shops, rental places as well as lodging in South Lake Tahoe.

Squaw Valley Arial Tram

Squaw Valley’s Aerial Tram climbs up 2,000 vertical feet from Squaw Village to High Camp in about 7 minutes.

Up there on the mountain, besides amazing views, High Camp offers roller skating in the summer as well as a restaurant and a bar. Not to forget there is also the infamous heated swimming pool and hot tub which opens in spring and stays open until the end of summer.

Taking the tram is also a great way for people who want to hike the upper elevations of Squaw Mountain without having to first hike up all the way to High Camp.

17 | Visit An Old Western Town And Ride Historic Train

Old western town of Virginia City near Lake Tahoe
Virginia City

Virginia City is a historic western town North of Lake Tahoe. It takes about an hour’s drive from Lake Tahoe.

Virginia City Tour

On this full-day bus tour from South Lake to Virginia City you follow the Pony Express Trail and discover the former boomtown of Nevada’s silver strike.

During the guided western tour, you will learn about the pioneers that settled the area and will be able to explore the old western town of Virginia City. Another highlight of the day is the ride on the historic Virginia and Truckee Railroad.

Learn more about the Virginia City tour here.

18 | See Lake Tahoe From Above

There are several helicopter tours to see different areas of Lake Tahoe from a bird’s eye perspective.

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19 | Stay At A Cabin, Relax And Enjoy A BBQ

Not every day needs to be an activity day. We also like to just stay in a nice cabin, hang out and chill, and cook a nice meal or make a BBQ.

Check out our post about cool cabins to stay at in Lake Tahoe with a list of amazing A-frame cabins and Airbnbs rentals.

20 | See The Wildflowers In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Lupine wildflowers super bloom
Lake Tahoe Lupine wildflowers super bloom

During the summer months of June and July, you will be able to see the lupine wildflowers grace Lake Tahoe and its surrounding area. 2022 in particular is a special year since Tahoe hasn’t seen a super bloom like this year’s in 7 years.

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See Lake Tahoe Lupine Wildflowers

Lake Tahoe Summer Guide

Where To Stay Around Lake Tahoe In Summer

There are a ton of options to stay around Tahoe. Where to stay depends largely on the activities you are planning to do during your Lake Tahoe vacation.

The lake is pretty big and it can take a long time to get from North to South, especially on a busy weekend. If you are looking to do activities in South Lake, for instance, it’s best to stay in that area. Otherwise, you will have about an hour’s drive coming from North of the lake. And the same the other way around.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind the drive and have time, go for it, it is a very pretty drive.

Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Rentals

If you have a group of friends or a family a cabin at Lake Tahoe is a great and affordable option. We prefer renting cabins as they most of the time have nice outside patios where you can prepare a BBQ and hang out and relax.

In general, renting a cabin is a really nice Lake Tahoe experience. Check out Airbnb to find Tahoe vacation rentals.

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Lake Tahoe Hotels & Cabins – Where To Stay In Lake Tahoe

Hotels To Spend A Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation

If you are not a group of people a cabin might be too much. When it’s just the two of us we book a hotel room in South Lake Tahoe or the area where we plan to do activities like paddleboarding in.

PRO TIP: Always try to book as early as possible for Tahoe stays since hotels here book out super fast and get really expensive.

Budget Hotels In Lake Tahoe

Redlight Historic Bunk Hotel and Speakeasy
(quirky but cool)

Basecamp Tahoe South
South Lake Tahoe
(short walk to Heavenly gondola)

Bluelake Inn at Heavenly Village
South Lake Tahoe
(short walk to Heavenly gondola)

Black Jack Inn
South Lake Tahoe
(short walk to Heavenly gondola)

Blue Jay Lodge
South Lake Tahoe
(short walk to Heavenly gondola)

Mid Range Hotels In Tahoe

Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge & Spa
South Lake Tahoe
(right at the lake with amazing lake views)

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel
South Lake Tahoe
(at Heavenly Village)

The Coachman Hotel
South Lake Tahoe
(very close to Heavenly gondola)

Basecamp Tahoe City
on the West side of Lake Tahoe

The Cedar House Sport Hotel

Upscale Hotels & Resorts at Lake Tahoe

Wylder Hotel
Hope Valley
(formerly Sorensen’s)

The Ritz Carlton at Northstar
(5-star hotel)

The Edgewood Tahoe Resort
South Lake Tahoe

Hotel room at South Lake Tahoe with lake view of Lake Tahoe
Amazing lake view from Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge & Spa in South Lake Tahoe

The above photo was taken at Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge & Spa. It was super cool waking up next to the lake every morning and the views from the balcony were just jaw-dropping.

For more details on hotels right at the beach, check out our guide to the most amazing lakefront hotels at Lake Tahoe.

Lake View Hotels In Tahoe

Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge & Spa
(South Lake Tahoe)

The Landing Resort and Spa
(South Lake Tahoe)

Sky Lake Splendor
(South Lake Tahoe)

Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe
(South Lake Tahoe)

West Shore Cafe and Inn

Sunnyside Resort and Lodge
(Tahoe City)

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort
(Tahoe Vista)

Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge
(Tahoe Vista)

Lakeside Suites at Hotel California
(Kings Beach)

Popular areas to stay in are: South Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach, Tahoe City, Incline Village, and Truckee.

Where To Eat Around Lake Tahoe

Cook books, pastries and brick oven in a restaurant in Markleeville
Stonefly Restaurant in Markleeville

Here’s a little overview of our favorite restaurants in Tahoe:


Truckee Tavern & Grill
Downtown Truckee
Sophisticated delicious American Cuisine

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters
Downtown Truckee
Quaint cafe and coffee roastery

Taste of Europe
South Lake Tahoe
Delicious German/Czech food

South Lake Tahoe
German bierhaus with Schnitzel and other German delicacies

The Hangar – Taproom & Bottle Shop
South Lake Tahoe

Sorensen’s Cafe
Hope Valley
(now owned by Wylder Hotels)

Stonefly Restaurant
Delicious upscale dishes in a cozy restaurant. Reservation required.

For the coolest lakefront dining experience with amazing Lake Tahoe views, check out our guide to waterfront restaurants around Lake Tahoe.

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How To Get To Lake Tahoe

Driving To Tahoe By Car

The best way to get to Lake Tahoe is by car. However, since Tahoe is so popular, try not to get to and from Tahoe during rush hour times. Especially if you are driving from and to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bay Area To Tahoe

Coming from the Bay Area, leaving anytime before 1 pm on a Friday is a good time to avoid major traffic. Of course, not everyone can leave work early. Leaving after 8 pm is also a good option and you will most likely make it to Tahoe at the same time as your friends who left in the afternoon! 😉

Amtrak Train To Truckee

Another way to get to the Tahoe area is to take the Amtrak train to Truckee and use an Uber or bus to get around the lake.

The train is called California Zephyr and goes from Emeryville in Oakland to Truckee in Tahoe.

Fly To Tahoe Via Reno Airport

You can also fly into Reno Tahoe local airport and rent a car to get to Lake Tahoe. That will only save you time if you come from farther away though.

Ski lift chair swing at Obexer's, an instagrammable spot at Lake Tahoe:

Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation Guide

Top Things To Do At Lake Tahoe In Summer

We hope you found our Lake Tahoe summer vacation guide helpful and got some good inspiration on what to do in Tahoe in the summer.

Have fun in the mountains and hopefully, you love Tahoe as much as we do!

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